Youth Pledge Commemorated by Talking About Disasters

PUBLISHED,- As a young man, you must have been indirectly belittled by some terms, for example, “the kid yesterday afternoon, what can you do?”

If you’ve ever experienced it, please stop until you just. Never do that to your younger siblings, juniors, juniors or anyone who is younger than you.

Have you ever imagined that, from the past, Indonesian youths have been cool. Just imagine, on the same day as today, 93 years ago to be exact, Indonesian youth held a congress that had an extraordinary impact. We will continue to remember this event when October 28 arrived and is still commemorated to this day.

The cool thing is that Indonesian youth do not stop until the Youth Pledge Congress. Until now, Indonesian youth are still cool, maybe even cooler. One of the proofs is that the Indonesian badminton team has just won the Thomas Cup.

But why are there still many practices that do not support and trust youth in their work? For example, in disaster management efforts, the voice of youth has not been taken into account.

In fact, everyone throughout Indonesia knows that the region is prone to disasters. Disaster is a necessity that can happen anytime and anywhere. These events can threaten and disrupt people’s lives and livelihoods. Disasters can be caused by natural factors and/or non-natural factors as well as human factors, resulting in human casualties, environmental damage, property losses, and psychological impacts. Moreover, Indonesia, which is located at the confluence of the world’s plates, makes this country has a lot of disaster threats.

There are several factors that can weaken disaster management, including the lack of inclusiveness in every series of disaster management. One of the groups whose involvement in disaster management has not been maximized is the youth.

Youth can play a role in various disaster management operations. these activities include disaster prevention, emergency response, rehabilitation and reconstruction activities, even in terms of establishing development policies that pose a risk of disaster.

In fact, Indonesia will experience a demographic bonus or a condition when the population of productive age (aged 15-64 years) is greater than the population of unproductive age (under 15 years and above 64 years).

The abundance of youth in Indonesia can become agents of change in various series of disaster management efforts. However, in reality, not many youths are believed to be actively involved in various series of disaster management efforts.

The form of unrest and regret for conditions that waste the potential of young people who on the other hand are abundant in this country, makes want to take a different step. As a medium and forum for young people to voice their voices regarding disasters in Indonesia, wants to provide an opportunity for young people to exchange ideas, experiences and insights about disasters. This idea is expressed in the form of a virtual discussion which will be held on Saturday, October 30, 2021.

Through a discussion with the theme “Youth Talk About Disaster”, we try to present an interesting discussion that can be attended by anyone by accessing the following link:

If you are curious about the voices of young people talking about disasters, then don’t miss out on joining our program. (LS)