The Importance of Curriculum and Disaster Education in Indonesia according to Paulo Freire

PUBLISHED,- Education is a tool for the progress of a nation or civilization. With good education, the next generation will definitely create a brilliant future for their nation and country. This is the reason why a disaster curriculum is needed for every student in Indonesia.

Looking at the geographical location of our country, of course Indonesia is a country that has the potential for disaster. Terms like Disaster Supermarket, of course, are applied to our country. At least according to data released by DIBI, there were 161 disasters that occurred in Indonesia in August 2023 alone. In addition, bad government policies regarding environmental management in Indonesia can of course also cause disaster. 

If we look at Paulo Freire’s opinion in his book entitled “Education that Liberates”, one of the goals of education is to invite people to be able to help themselves. Looking at the two reasons in the previous paragraph and the opinion of Paulo Freire, of course we can see the importance of the disaster curriculum for students in Indonesia.

This is because the presence of the disaster curriculum in Indonesia will certainly increase the capacity of the community. Where every child who goes to school already knows and knows how to deal with a disaster if a disaster occurs in their area. Of course, the disaster curriculum in schools will be a very effective mitigation. This is because doctrination in schools is very effective, the same as the doctrine of nationalism that we have been studying in every class.

If the doctrine of nationalism is considered important as part of national defense, disaster education is no less important. Because, through good disaster education, each individual will be prepared to face disasters in the future. This will reduce the number of victims resulting from disaster events that occur.

The presence of a disaster curriculum will certainly increase the community’s capacity to face disasters. Apart from that, the presence of a disaster curriculum will enable the community to help themselves at critical times. Of course, this is very in line with the goals of education described by Paulo Freire, namely education that is able to make people help themselves.

Apart from that, with the existence of a disaster curriculum, at least everyone in Indonesia will be more familiar with how to do good disaster management. Because the issue of disaster has become a common thing because it is studied, or discussed in every school or other educational institution such as a university. So the community will know their rights and obligations if a disaster occurs in their area.  

Furthermore, the disaster curriculum must be in accordance with the disaster potential in each region. This is because each region has different potential for disasters, depending on the geographical conditions of a region. So, disaster curriculum developers must coordinate with disaster-related institutions or researchers. Don’t let the disaster curriculum be present only as a complement to lessons.

Lastly, don’t forget that the education curriculum must be based on equality and anti-racial and class discrimination. This is very important, to prevent racial incidents in an area where a disaster occurs.

Hopefully with this article the disaster curriculum can be realized soon. Don’t just become a discourse among academics or experts. With the disaster curriculum, every individual will know disasters better and know how to overcome them. 

Author: Abdurrahman Heriza

Editor: Lien Sururoh

Translator: Nugrah Aryatama


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