Evacuatiom and Aid Training for Hotels and Resort in the Mandalika Area and Dissemination of the NTB Alert Application

Disasterchannel.co - The Indonesia Asia Pacific Alliance For Disaster Management (A-PAD) in collaboration with the Prevention and Preparedness Division of the NTB Provincial BPBD held Evacuation and First Aid Training for Hotels and Resorts in the Mandalika Area. The activity above was opened by the Chief Executive of the NTB Provincial BPBD today (Wednesday, October 13, 2021) at the JM Hotel, Kuta, Mandalika, accompanied by the Head of the Preparedness Section and Representatives of APAD Indonesia. This activity was coupled with the socialization of the SIAGA application, which is the flagship program of the NTB Provincial Government.

BPBD NTB Province in the Prevention and Preparedness Sector with the NGO Asia Pacific Alliance for Disaster Management (APAD Indonesia) to initiate disaster-safe hotel standards in tourist areas in NTB Province. This activity is expected to increase the capacity of hotel human resources as hosts of tourists in the Kuta Mandalika area, as hosts or locations for the World Super Bike next November.