Promoting Local Knowledge Internationally

PUBLISHED,- For those of you who think that local ones are not cool, try to stop thinking that immediately. There are so many who come from local but can go global, even sought after and become inspiration. This is very similar to the experience of and the Indonesian Scale Foundation who continue to explore and document local knowledge about disasters and can go international.

The story begins with research on local knowledge. Several abstracts about our local knowledge research were selected to be presented at an international symposium called REGARD. REGARD is an acronym for Rebuilding After Displacement. This activity aims to develop competence in rebuilding communities after disasters and mass displacement due to conflict from the perspective of the built environment. To identify community needs after disasters and conflicts due to mass displacement in the perspective of the built environment. To investigate the role of the built environment in enhancing social cohesion between host communities and refugees. To explore the knowledge, skills and competencies required by built environment professionals to meet the needs of host and refugee communities. To develop, test and implement a series of innovative training courses to meet the needs of communities and refugees.

In this international symposium, Lien Sururoh, content creator and researcher at Yayasan Skala Indonesia presented two research results entitled “Collective Memory and Local Knowledge About Disasters In Central Sulawesi” and “Disaster Risk Reduction With Gender Perspective In Central Sulawesi” on Monday, 13/12/2021. Meanwhile, Trinirmala Ningrum, Director of the Indonesian Scale Foundation, presented the results of his research entitled “Collective Memory and Local Knowledge About Disaster In Banten” on Tuesday, 12/14/2021. Through this event, local knowledge is heard to the world’s public.

Gambar 1. Lien Sururoh sedang menyampaikan hasil riset mengenai pengetahuan lokal di Sulawesi Tengah

In his presentation, Lien stated that “Some of the local wisdom of the community about the area is only a historical story. Local wisdom has not been considered to have more value and its effectiveness in disaster risk reduction has not been recognized. Existing local wisdom has not been popularized and has not become the consumption of most people”.

Gambar 2, Trinirmala Ningrum sedang mempresentasikan hasil risetnya mengenai pengetahuan lokal di Banten

Meanwhile Trinirnala or who is often called Rini stated that “There needs to be promotion through various mass media to revive folklore and teach its meaning so that it can be easily understood by the living and future generations”.

“It needs to be developed so that this local wisdom can become a local community-based disaster risk reduction strategy,” added Rini.

Through this international symposium, they both hope that they will be recognized and become part of the disaster risk reduction strategy in Indonesia. (LS)