Activities that can Increase Our Preparedness to Face Disasters

PUBLISHED,- When we hear diction of a disaster or a disastrous event, of course we will imagine a heartbreaking event. A disaster event itself is of course a phenomenon that is not known when it will come, similar to an uninvited guest. Therefore, we as individuals must prepare ourselves to face this phenomenon. The following are tips from, in the form of activities that can increase your readiness to face disasters.

  1. Take Preparedness Training

Preparedness training is an activity that can increase knowledge in dealing with disasters. By taking part in this activity you can get tips on dealing with disasters. This is very important because if each individual knows how to deal with disasters, of course it will reduce the number of victims due to a disaster event.

  1. Apply Preparedness in Everyday Life

After attending preparedness training, so that the results are maximum, immediately practice the theory that has been given in the training, in your daily life. Let’s take an example, suppose there is training for dealing with disasters, one of which contains material about disaster preparedness bags. As we know, the contents of a disaster preparedness bag will support your life during critical times.

Not only theory, you also have to practice it where you live. Immediately prepare a disaster preparedness bag in your boarding house or house. Of course, by practicing the knowledge gained from disaster training, it will increase your readiness in facing disasters.

Remember, friends, that this also applies to other theories, so it’s not just for disaster preparedness bags.

  1. Read Survival related books and Practice

Survival is a skill to survive in critical conditions, where as we know, a disaster is a critical condition. Each individual will face all shortcomings during the emergency response period. The absence of a gas supply for cooking due to the destruction of infrastructure, the destruction of houses resulting in no shelter, is one of the challenges faced by survivors.

At least by learning survival science we will be able to face these problems. We will find out how to make an emergency shelter using simple tools. Then we can also light a fire for cooking, if the gas supply stops.

Because survival science is a skill science, we must continue to practice or practice what is in the books you read. Apart from that, you can take part in survival training opened by training institutions.

  1. Know the Potential for Disasters in Your Area

Looking for potential disasters in your area is one of the activities that will increase our preparedness. Of course, if we make the analogy that a disaster is an uninvited guest, we have to know who and how to deal with this guest. 

If DC friends already know the potential for disasters in your area, of course you can choose what training activities you need to take part in.

  1. Join the Discussion Forum or Preparedness Community.

Lastly, join preparedness forums or communities in your area, this will certainly help you understand what a disaster is and how to deal with it. Even by participating in discussion forums related to disasters and preparedness communities, we will broaden our insight regarding the latest issues surrounding disasters and how to deal with them.

If DC friends are too busy due to work routines or whatever, look for online forums or communities. itself is a website that can increase your insight regarding disaster issues and how to deal with them. Apart from that, DC also often holds online activities, which of course we can participate in without taking up valuable time, DC friends.

Maybe that’s all the tips from disasterchannel, if you feel there’s still something missing, you can immediately send your writing to our site. Tough Greetings!!!

Author: Abdurrahman Heriza

Editor: Lien Sururoh

Translator: Nugrah Aryatama