Celebrating DRR Month, PMI Presents a Flagship Program for Community-Based Resilience


Disasterchannel.co,- In order to support and make the 2023 Disaster Risk Reduction Month (PRB) a success which is centered in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi. The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) is participating with a series of learning activities and exhibitions through community-based resilience programs and anticipatory actions which are currently being implemented.

“The commemoration of DRR Month is a collective reminder of progress, success and achievements in maintaining collective resilience,” said Head of PMI Central Headquarters, Arifin M. Hadi.

Arifin explained that currently PMI has long experience in building resilience in communities, schools and communities by strengthening collaboration and partnerships in the context of building community-based disaster resilience.

“Through this DRR commemoration, PMI will support the spread of awareness on resilience, building networks between DRR actors and joint learning for DRR actors throughout Indonesia,” he explained.

It was further explained that in this series of PRB months, various activities were carried out to brighten up the month of PRB, including a webinar series that was held before the PRB event, as well as being a resource person in the talk show session or Ignite Stage which was centered at the Ex MTQ field in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi.

Apart from that, added Arifin, to enliven this PRB month, PMI participated in the role of resilience by presenting various superior community-based programs supported by the American Red Cross (Amcross) and IFRC.

“The programs displayed in the exhibition include strengthening earthquake-safe houses (Retrofitting), which is an earthquake preparedness program that has been successfully implemented in Sukabumi City and Banyuwangi Regency,” explained Arifin.

Apart from that, added Arifi, on the same occasion PMI presented the Forecast-based Early Action (FBA) program, which is an approach that prioritizes early action during preparedness (emergency alert) based on early warning information.

“Apart from that, PMI also presents the nature base solutions (NBS) program as a nature-based solution with an approach to encourage people to take action by increasing the potential of nature to help people adapt to change and disasters,” explained Arifin.

Through this PRB momentum, PMI is socializing the extreme heat phenomenon that is occurring in Indonesia, and PMI will also intervene for anticipatory action by the community against the impacts of extreme heat.

Arifin further explained, in enlivening the PRB month exhibition, PMI displayed information about the PMI Professional Certification Institute (LSP), which is currently PMI’s flagship, spread across 32 competency test sites (TUK) throughout Indonesia.

“The hope of this exhibition is an effort to increase awareness and insight of all elements of society regarding the importance of using technology in reducing risks and handling disasters,” concluded Arifin.

Contributor: Atep Maulana

Translator: Nugrah Aryatama