DRR Month, PMI’s Commitment to Building Sustainability Resilience at the Regional and Community Levels Through Logistics Clusters


Disasterchannel.co,- The Indonesian Red Cross (PMI) encourages joint commitment in efforts to build regional and community resilience by strengthening the Logistics cluster.

This was stated by the Head of the Central PMI Headquarters Facilities and Infrastructure Bureau (Sarpras), Ilham Huznul at a talk show held in the series of Disaster Risk Reduction (PRB) Month which was centered at the ex MTQ field in Kendari City, Southeast Sulawesi.

Ilham explained, taking lessons from various disaster operations, the role of logistics clusters becomes very important, especially in regions at each stage of a disaster, starting from the preparedness period, emergency response to recovery.

The central role of the logistics cluster has been seen in many disasters that have occurred in Indonesia, such as the earthquake in Aceh, Lombok, the tsunami and liquefaction in Palu in 2018, major operations to handle national Covid-19, as well as earthquake disaster operations in Cianjur, West Java.

“Learning from these various incidents has encouraged the emergence of a joint commitment in collaboration, to build regional and community-based resilience at this time, of course this can be done by all parties included in the pentahelix concept,” explained Ilham.

Inspiration further explained, as a follow-up to President Joko Widodo’s direction at last year’s GPDRR which offered the concept of Sustainable Resilience, in the current conditions, according to him, the challenges and opportunities in the logistics cluster are how to build network strength, as well as develop capacity in the regions, especially community-based in society.

Ilham mentioned the importance of decentralizing logistics through increasing human resource capacity and establishing national aid goods standards.

“The most important thing now is how to strengthen regulations and the role of involvement of all sectors involved in the logistics cluster to support the creation of sustainable resilience at the regional and community levels,” stressed Ilham.

On the other hand, Ilham mentioned the importance of community involvement as subjects or actors in disaster management, from the planning process, decision making, to monitoring actions in the field.

Ilham also said that currently PMI has a Training Agency and Professional Certification Institute (LSP) which have an important role in supporting and creating disaster resilient communities at the regional and community levels. So that later the people involved in disaster management will have measurable competence and expertise.

In the talkshow activity which was held in the series of disaster risk reduction months, also present as resource persons were Ibnu Ansur, Director of Logistics Network and Equipment Optimization of BNPB and Krisnanto Sinandang from MPBI as Moderator.

Contributor: Atep Maulana

Translator: Nugrah Aryatama