This is what you need to know about the bed bug outbreak in the city of Paris

PUBLISHED,- Who doesn’t know the city of Paris, a city with the nickname the very beautiful and sparkling fashion city and also the capital of France. But did you know, DC friends, the City of Paris, as of this writing, is experiencing a disaster, in the form of a bed bug outbreak. The uniqueness of this case made DisasterChannel interested in discussing this outbreak.

The first time I heard about this issue around the beginning of October, the author himself did not expect that a city as beautiful as Paris would be hit by a bedbug outbreak. Where the residents are terrorized by creatures hiding behind mattresses and sofas. 

In fact, the bed bug outbreak in Paris has spread to France and surrounding countries. Some residents have even thrown away their mattresses, to avoid the infestation. It’s a very heartbreaking incident, imagine the residents of one city having to struggle to deal with an outbreak of bed bugs. The reason is, this outbreak has spread to public areas, such as public transportation, cinemas and hospitals.

In the end, this outbreak became a serious political issue, where on October 6 2023, the French parliament immediately held an emergency meeting regarding the bed bug outbreak. According to CNBC Indonesia news, a left-wing parliamentarian named Mathilde Panot said that the French government had failed in handling the bedbug outbreak. Moreover, as we know that France will host the Olympics in 2024, imagine if this outbreak was still ongoing and disrupted the biggest sporting event in the world.

In a DW article, a professor named Heather Lynch from Glasgow Caledonian University said that in the last 10 years there is evidence to show that the bed bug population has increased rapidly. Still, according to Lynch, another problem is the resistance of bed bugs to insect repellent ingredients. Apart from that, these bugs spread more quickly because they are carried by human activities, via suitcases that fly on planes, or used goods sent on Ebay.

This outbreak in Paris and its surroundings can be a lesson for the Indonesian people. That maintaining cleanliness in your home is the main thing for the comfort of our lives. Clean the sofa, mattress and curtains so that these parasites don’t haunt us. Apart from that, when we buy used goods, we should first check whether the object has the potential to spread the epidemic. Remember, we must be careful before buying and remain alert to all forms of disease spread.

Author: Abdurrahman Heriza

Editor: Lien Sururoh


Translator: Nugrah Aryatama


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