Kute Panang Village Faces the Threat of Earthquakes by Being Prepared


Disasterchannel.co,- Kute Panang Village is a village in the highlands where most of the land is planted with Arabica coffee. This area with beautiful views was suddenly devastated by the earthquake on July 2 2013. Many houses were damaged and had to be relocated due to the disaster that occurred ten years ago. In fact, to this day we can still find the remains of houses left by the earthquake in this village.

The threat of recurrence of earthquakes is very large in this region. All forms of technological advances that exist, until now have not been able to predict earthquakes that will occur. Based on existing problems, the Indonesian Scale Foundation is supported by PT. Mandala Multifinance Tbk carries out the “Develop Community Led on Disaster Risk Management” program. This is done as a way to increase the capacity of residents in the most at-risk areas to be able to independently manage disaster risks in their areas. This program is carried out in several stages, including pre-disaster training, during a disaster and also post-disaster.

Several training processes and capacity building for the Kute Panang Village community have been carried out since last March. Training will resume on 13-15 November 2023. The thick fog that is always present in Kute Panang Village is witness to the excitement of the training series. 

On Monday, November 13 2023, the training will include material on developing potential based on local resources by utilizing social media. After that, residents were provided with knowledge of preparedness in facing earthquakes. Finally, participants were given information and techniques regarding search and rescue of victims when a disaster occurs.

On the following day, 14/11/2023 the training continued with the delivery of material as well as practice regarding refugee clusters and also Water Air Sanitary and Hygiene (WASH). The enthusiasm of the residents was very visible when discussing the potential for disease that could spread during a disaster, how to meet water and sanitation needs during emergency response, and how to properly design and manage refugee camps. After a long discussion, the residents’ capacity was again increased with knowledge of first aid in emergency situations.

Gambar 1. Simulasi evakuasi dan pencarian korban di Desa Kute Panang, sumber: Disasterchannel.co

In the last session held on 15/11/2023, residents together practiced a self-evacuation simulation method. All participants who took part in the activity immediately practiced how to protect themselves and followed the agreed evacuation simulation operational standards to get to the gathering point.

After all participants had arrived at the agreed meeting point, the practice of activating the Kute Panang Village earthquake contingency plan into an emergency response operations plan began. Everyone began to practice playing their roles to carry out the functions of each area that had been agreed upon in the contingency plan document.

The simulation can be completed before heavy rain arrives. The entire three-day training series finally closed with a disaster quiz. In the midst of heavy rain, the participants who were divided into three groups continued to compete to answer dozens of questions regarding the training material. The sound of heavy rain began to fade as the participants began to compete for scores to win the main prize.

All the participants were so happy, they seemed reluctant to accept the fact that this was the last training. Sri Haryati (30) as a representative of Kute Panang Village Women felt that this training was very enjoyable. According to Sri, all the training was very useful, especially for village residents who had experienced the impact of the earthquake. M. Ridho Sahrullah (22), one of the youth representatives, also expressed the same thing.

Gambar 2. Kemeriahan kuis mengenai bencana di Desa Kute Panang, sumber: Disasterchannel.co

“The training is very useful, of course in order to raise awareness in the community about a natural disaster that could occur in the future and how to deal with difficult times when this happens,” explained Rhido.

All the series of training held were very impressive. Because, at all stages it is always accompanied by games, ice breaking and exciting practice. Lots of laughter amidst the seriousness of the material. This makes residents really enjoy every plot.

As a youth representative, Rhido believes that the role of youth in disaster management is of great value.

“Of course, young people who have taken part in the training already know how disaster management can play a big role in disasters. What if there isn’t a youth aspect? It’s definitely strange…” explained Ridho.

Ridho hopes that the knowledge and skills gained by the participants can be disseminated to the wider community. So that all Kute Panang residents can know the right steps to take when a disaster occurs. (LS)