From Matchmaking Beach in Batauga District to the Earthquake That Befalls Him

PUBLISHED,- It’s a good weekend when we go to Matching Beach. For couples, they can date while playing in the water, who is single, who knows if they meet their soul mate there. There is a myth that has developed in the community for generations, that when the young woman is considered a mature teenager, posuo, then her teenage daughter is advised to bathe on this beach. Usually soon they will meet their soul mate. It won’t hurt to go there even if you don’t find your soul mate, at least you find the beauty that heals your loneliness.

The expanse of white sand, combined with clear sea water under the blue sky decorated with clouds, makes the mate beach unmistakable to visit. This beach is located in Bola Village, Batauga District, Kab. South Buton. This beach is 30 kilometers from Bau-Bau City. This beach is perfect for relaxing and unwinding from daily activities. Enjoy the tranquility with the waves and the gentle breeze accompanied by young coconut water. It was as if the road to heaven was getting closer and closer.

When he saw the young coconut water shaking when it was shaken by someone who suddenly got up in the hut made of wood, he immediately remembered the earthquake. Eight years ago, an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.2 on the Richter Scale occurred on Monday (14/10/2013). This earthquake damaged the Batauga District area.

Reporting from, the Head of the Information and Communications Agency of Buton Regency, Zainuddin Napa, who was contacted by telephone from Pasarwajo, said that when the earthquake occurred, thousands of residents who lived on the beach, ran to higher places to save themselves because they were afraid that the earthquake could cause harm. followed by a tsunami.

“In addition to worrying about a tsunami, residents are also afraid because the earthquake happened repeatedly up to 17 times,” said Zainuddin.

According to Zainuddin, residents who were displaced due to the earthquake were forced to perform Eid prayers in the refugee camps for fear of aftershocks and tsunamis. According to him, the earthquake that rocked the Batauga area on Monday (14/10/2013) damaged 105 houses. There were no fatalities in this earthquake, but it was reported that there were two people who were injured due to the earthquake that occurred 17 times.

Not far from the earthquake that occurred eight years ago, an earthquake with a magnitude of 5.4 rocked the South Buton region, Southeast Sulawesi, on Friday (10/9/2020) again. The earthquake shock was felt by residents in South Buton Regency to Baubau City, both on Buton Island. The earthquake shook the house and some objects shook quite strongly.

It can be said that the recurrence of earthquakes is a necessity. Therefore we need to know more about the history of disasters in each region. (LS)