Sharing Knowledge About Disasters in Central Aceh

PUBLISHED,- The long journey was taken by six youths from Jakarta to Aceh. Laughter and panic when the plane was about to land but was hit by bad weather, forced to go around and around before finally landing safely at Malikussaleh airport, Lhokseumawe. They had to spend around five hours to arrive in the Takengon area, Central Aceh. It is in Gayo land that the mission of the youths to share knowledge about disasters is carried out.

The thick fog reduced driving visibility on Wednesday, March 1, 2023. The six youths met with various parties, from the Central Aceh Disaster Management Agency (BPBA), Ketol Village, Kute Panang Village, Bah Village Officials, Seumbu Village in Kec. Ketol and also Kute Panang Village in Kec. Kute Panang. They did this for an audience regarding the “Develop Community Led on Disaster Risk Management” program. This program is an initiative of the Scale Indonesia Foundation which is supported by Mandala Finance.

The next day, Thursday 2 March 2023, the weather was in favor of the six young men, so the trip was even more enjoyable. Accompanied by the orange rays of the rising sun behind a row of hills between Takengon City and Ketol District, the trip is so warm. Bah Village, Kec. Ketol became the first village to carry out a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) on disasters, which was the initial series of this program. In wisdom, the residents told about their experiences in dealing with the earthquake on July 2, 2013.

Gambar 1. Sisa bangunan yang tidak ditempati akibat longsor sesaat setelah gempa di wilayah Desa Bah sebelum relokasi, Sumber:
Gambar 2. Tebing bekas longsor sesaat setelah gempa 2013 di Desa Bah, Sumber:

The earthquake was so powerful that it was felt by the residents of Bah Village. In fact, they had to be relocated because the landslide occurred shortly after the earthquake. Until now, we can clearly see traces of the movement of the landslides in this village at that time. the earthquake incident left such an impression, when remembering it, some women shed tears unknowingly.

Heavy rain had hampered our morning movement on Friday, March 3, 2023. Fortunately, the higher the sun rises from the east, the less rain will stop. Accompanied by a light drizzle, these six young men departed for the village of Seumbu in Kec. Ketol. In the FGDs conducted, various interesting stories were told from the 2013 earthquake. The Serempah Village was one of the worst-hit villages with the most victims affected by the earthquake at that time. The overall impact of this earthquake caused 39 people died, more than 400 people were injured.

Just like Bah Village, Serempah Village also experienced relocation several times after the earthquake occurred. Shortly after the earthquake occurred, the affected residents of Seumbu Village fled to Kute Gelime Village. Then a few months later, the residents of this village again moved to the side of Bah village, Kute Alam village, which is an administrative part of Serempah Village. Due to economic reasons, in the form of a considerable distance between fields and residences, all the people of Seumbu agreed to move back and fill the area they have lived in until now.

Gambar 3. Proses pembuatan peta ancaman bencana dan jalur evakuasi secara partisipatif di Desa Serempah pada 3 Maret 2023, Sumber:

Group photos as well as lunch became a farewell full of joy for the residents of Serempah Village and the six youths. the trip was not over, they had to continue the FGD in Kute Panang Village in Kec. Kuta Panang.

The cold afternoon cooled the six young men who mingled warmly in the focus group discussion. The enthusiasm of the mothers could not be contained in this forum, all of them enthusiastically conveyed their experiences in dealing with the earthquake ten years ago.

Gambar 4. Potret saat kabut tipis dan gerimis di Desa Kute Panang pada 2 Maret 2023, Sumber:

Just like the two previous villages, Kute Panang Village was also a village that was badly affected by the earthquake at that time. Almost all the houses in this area were damaged by the earthquake shaking. Several residents moved their previous houses to land that was sloping in the local coffee plantation area. In addition to earthquakes, this area also often experiences landslides because the land is very steep. The tornado also blew away some of the roofs of residents’ houses.

Gambar 5. Proses pembuatan peta ancaman bencana dan jalur evakuasi secara partisipatif di Desa Kute Panang, Sumber:

Making a participatory disaster threat map and also making an evacuation route map is a collaborative work of the residents. To break the boredom and liven up the cold atmosphere, some active participants were given prizes. Laughter in the seriousness of the discussion mingled into a unified whole. Clouds, hills and cold air became the background for the farewell of the six youths and residents in a group photo frame.

Gambar 6. Foto bersama peserta Fokus Grup Diskusi (FGD) di Desa Kute Panang, Sumber:

Hearing many stories of experiences dealing with disasters made this young man think more deeply to devise a strategy to increase the capacity of the residents. These six young men struggled to find a way out with their minds to share knowledge in the next session. (LS)