5 Reference Books About Disasters


Disasterchannel.co,- Reading books is an activity that is very good for intelligence, and can add references in our living space. In fact, according to some historical sources, the great figures must have had a lot of books or reading material. Therefore, on this occasion, disasterchannel.co will recommend five books with disaster themes. Here are the recommendations:

  1. Disaster Management ( A disaster Manager’s Handbook)

For friends who want to know what a disaster is, or the type of disaster, as well as the theory for disaster management, of course the admin will recommend a book with the title Disaster Management (A disaster Manager’s Handbook) by W Nick Carter. The reason is that this book is an introductory book for friends who want to seriously study disaster management.

This book will discuss what a disaster is according to science, then types of disasters, and disaster management theory. This book will certainly be useful for DC friends and people who want to start deepening their knowledge of disaster management.

  1. Tempat Terbaik di Dunia / Best Place in the World

Floods are a disaster that haunts the capital city of Jakarta, especially during the rainy season, when many metropolitan residents are affected by floods. The book entitled Best Places in the World is one of the books that the author recommends to DC Friends.

This book tells the experience of an anthropologist from the Netherlands named Roanne Van Voorst, while living in a slum area in Jakarta which often experiences floods. Roanne Van Voorst himself is the author of the book The Best Places in the World.

In his book, Roane discusses the lifestyle of lower class people in the Jakarta area, and how they deal with the floods that often come to their homes. It’s really interesting reading if DC friends want to know how the lower class communities in Jakarta deal with flood disasters.

  1. Buku Ekspedisi JawaDwipa

Were there disasters in the past? If so, how did our ancestors overcome the disasters that occurred during their time? Questions like that will be discussed in the JawaDwipa Expedition book.

Through historical and geological exploration, readers will be presented with primary evidence about disasters that have occurred in the East Java region in the past. Apart from that, this book also collects the culture that exists in East Java society, which is related to disaster issues.

  1. Krisis dan Bencana Lingkungan Hidup Global / Global Environmental Crisis and Disaster

Environmental damage will of course give rise to a catastrophic phenomenon, that is the description of the book Global Environmental Crisis and Disasters written by Sonny Keraf. The data presented by Sonny in this book shows that environmental damage will cause disaster. Apart from that, this book will also discuss how disasters caused by environmental damage will bring problems to the environmental destroyers themselves.

  1. Collapse: Runtuhnya Peradaban Peradaban Dunia / Collapse: The Collapse of World Civilizations

The causes of the destruction of civilization in the past will be the focus of this book. Jared Diamond, the author, will explain the relationship between environmental damage and the destruction of civilization in the past. According to Jared, environmental damage caused by humans is the main key to the destruction of past civilizations.

This book is very interesting because through tracing history the author explains that environmental damage has occurred in the past. It is suitable for DC friends who want to know the issue of the correlation of disasters and environmental damage through historical studies.

Author: Abdurrahman Heriza

Editor: Lien Sururoh

Photo: tipspengembangandiri.com

Translator: Nugrah Aryatama