33 Villages Submerged in Floods in Grobogan Regency


Disasterchannel.co,- (7/2). A total of 33 villages in 12 sub-districts in Grobogan Regency, Central Java, have been flooded since Monday (5/2) at 22.00 WIB. The big flood this time was triggered by high rainfall intensity accompanied by water sent from upstream. As a result, the Lusi River, Serang River and Tuntang River were unable to accommodate the water discharge until they overflowed into residential areas.

Details of the 12 sub-districts affected include Godong, Penawangan, Tawangharjo, Purwodadi, Toroh, Karangrayung, Geyer, Kedungjati, Tegowanu, Tulisharjo, and Gubug, and Grobogan sub-districts. 

Based on a report from the Operations Control Center (Pusdalops) of the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Grobogan Regency on Tuesday (6/2) at 12.00 WIB, the water level in several areas was observed to be receding, but in other areas the flood was still persisting. The water height reaches 50cm.

It was recorded that 2,822 housing units were affected by the flood. The Purwodadi-Gubug highway experienced runoff, causing traffic access to be cut off. 

The flood also caused material losses, including damage to taluds and concrete cuts in Karangpasar Village, Tegowanu District. An area of 56 hectares of rice fields was affected by the flood.

BPBD Grobogan Regency together with a joint team have carried out emergency response by evacuating the community. The local government has distributed logistical assistance to public kitchens in several flood locations.

as well as distributing packaged rice to residents affected by the flood.

Train Travel Affected by Flooding

Flooding between Gubug-Karangjati Station caused the railway (KA) route to be temporarily impassable. However, the latest information released by PT. Indonesian Railways at 13.00 WIB stated that the downstream train route which was affected by flooding at KM 32+5/7 of the road between Karangjati Station – Gubug Station could be passed by trains on Tuesday (6/2) at 11.30 WIB. Trains can pass through this location at limited speeds.

As for the upstream route, work is still continuing and it is hoped that trains will be able to pass this afternoon.

Through its press release, the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) appealed to the public and local governments to increase preparedness and awareness of the potential for subsequent floods, especially in Grobogan Regency. This is because the weather forecast in the Central Java region is still predicted to rain in several areas. Ensure that primary, secondary and tertiary drainage maintenance is carried out so that existing water infrastructure can function optimally when collecting and channeling water discharge during high rainfall.(RN)

Photo: jateng.jpnn.com