Situation Report and Response A-PAD Indonesia Jakarta and Surroundings Areas Flood, 04 January 2020,- Jakarta, West Java and Banten Provinces

Temporary data that collected from BNPB (National Agency for Disaster Management) and media showed

  1. Lost lives: 60 people
  2. Internal Displace People: 39.102 families (92.261 people)
  3. Missing People: 2 Person


According to BPBD DKI Jakarta information, till 4 January 2020 there are 6.672 displace people in Jakarta. And, 4 municipal in Jakarta is still affected by the flood.

  1. West Jakarta; 3.350 displace people in 13 locations at 6 sub-district areas. The average water level 100 cm
  2. East Jakarta; 1.699 displace people in 11 locations at 3 sub-district areas. The average water level 40 cm
  3. South Jakarta; 1.253 displace people in 15 locations at 1 sub-district areas. The average water level 80 cm
  4. North Jakarta; 370 displace people in 5 locations at 2 sub-district areas. The average water level 40 cm
  5. Central Jakarta has no displace people now.

According to BNPB information, in West Java, Bekasi as the most affected by the flood. The average water level in Bekasi reached 3 meter and 51 village was affected or about 34.683 families.

At the displace people locations, people are not only need food, clean water, blankets and clean clothes, they are also need medical treatment from doctor and paramedic including medicines now. At the locations there are also lack of bathroom and toilet facilities.

More then 290 school buildings are damages

More than 290 Schools buildings are damages in Jakarta province alone which will affect more than 8000 suffered students  unable to study.

Despite that the rehabilitation costs will be in the responsibility of three parties, namely the central government, the private sector, and the community. However, there are a number of problems discovered by the Ministry of Education and Culture; most regional governments did not allocate a 20 percent regional budget as mandated by the National Education System Law.

More than 80 Volunteer organizations taking part in the rescue and Emergency actions

According to BNPB, there are more than 80 volunteer organizations are taking part in the rescue/ emergency response during the flood disasters.

Extreme weather will be confronted again

BMKG – The Indonesia National Meteorology, Climate and Geological Authority forecasted that Indonesia will be confronted  with extreme weather again within the next week.

It is informed that some locations are already isolated or not reachable through land due to landslides affected through heavy rains.

APAD Indonesia Response:

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), member of APAD Indonesia, in collaboration with Indonesian Volunteers Society (MRI) conducted on the ground several activities such as:

  1. Food distribution at Mampang Jakarta. 1.000 beneficiaries
  2. Medical services at Lebak Banten with 600 beneficiaries
  3. Cleaning services at Kampung Somang, Lebak, Banten


Writer: and edited  by

Iman Firmansyah and Faisal Djalal

A-PAD Indonesia

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(Collected from ACT-DMII, BNPB, TV Media, Online Media, MPBI-News, and others information/media center available)