Situation Report and Response A-PAD Indonesia Jakarta and Surroundings Areas Flood, 03 January 2020,- Heavy rain that according to the BMKG (National Climatology Agency) was the highest rainfall in the last 24 years occurred on 31 December 2019. It made the flood on the 1st January 2020. Temporary data that collected from BNPB (National Agency for Disaster Management) and media showed

  1. lost lives: 43 people
  2. Internal Displace People: 397.171 (where 35.557 people located in Jakarta)

Based on BNPB and ACT-Disaster Emergency Rescue team information, there are several flooding location in Jakarta, West Java and Banten Provinces

  • 63 Flooding locations in Jakarta (covered 18 sub-district):
  1. 2 points/locations at North Jakarta
  2. 7 points/locations at West Jakarta
  3. 13 points/locations at East Jakarta
  4. 39 points/locations at South Jakarta
  5. 2 points/locations at Center Jakarta
  • 97 Flooding locations at the West Java (covered 45 sub-district):
  1. Bogor District : 12
  2. Bekasi Municipality:53
  3. Bekasi Districts: 32
  • 9 flooding locations at the Banten (covered 24 sub-district):
  1. Lebak District : 3
  2. Tangerang Municipality: 3
  3. Tangerang District : 3

The highest rainfall in Jakarta occurred at Halim Perdanakusuma that made the airport has closed due to the runaway covered by water.


APAD Indonesia Response:

Aksi Cepat Tanggap (ACT), member of APAD Indonesia, has deploy teams to the location consist of 500 volunteers. Now, ACT has 9 posko (Emergency & Coordination Post) where are 4 located in Jakarta and 5 located in West Java and Banten. The main activities that conducted by the volunteers are;

  1. Search and rescue or evacuation
  2. Medical services
  3. Public kitchen

On 2 January, BNPB has conducted coordination meeting with stakeholders including NGOs. MPBI, member of APAD Indonesia, attended the meeting that also carry on with volunteers coordination meeting. BNPB shared the latest situation about the flood to all stakeholders including media.

What is needed for the displace people:

  1. Rubber boats for evacuation
  2. Clean water
  3. Blankets
  4. Foods
  5. Clean clothes etc.

Photo and Documentation:


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(Collected from ACT-DMII, TV Media, Online Media, MPBI-News, and others information/media center available)